SHA1: b026dab2affbf503813baa3e1869294825463699
SHA256: 8181ffdabbf6620581427ba4320a2379538c837308c6c1681036666dadf5bba7


SHA1: 2de10855cbc404d196c48ff198fa44188f89769d
SHA256: 23490a1d99f42a1fba5261c761b494d615b21275eb46c9f66fba4cc2a2f5a44e

Re-Restore bug discovered by alitek12

Requires saved iOS 9.x blobs (local or Cydia)

32 bit/iOS 9.x only

Prerequisite OS doesn't matter, use DFU if you aren't already on 9.x

iDeviceRestore by libimobiledevice

Fork additions by alitek12, Trevor, and Jon

Testing by ee_csw, Mirko, and DjSn0wfall

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